“The Article Five Hour” with JD Smaylis

“The Article Five Hour” with JD Smaylis


I know you love this beautiful Country as I do so join me, JD, your

host of the “The Article Five Hour” as a sponsor, guest, listener, or

all three. As the title implies, we promote the solutions to the

problems that face this Great Nation. We discuss the genius of the


design for government as evidenced by the tools they gave us to

correct a rogue regime. Stay updated on the national movement for an

Article 5 Convention of the States. Our guests include local, state,

and national political leaders, as well as local community and

business leaders. In these troubled times, we Americans need to

educate ourselves now, more than ever. Hope to see you on the air

Sundays at 4:00pm. Thanks for your support!



I'm JD Smaylis. Born in Mesa, lived in the Valley continuously since

1972. An aerospace machinist for 35 years. Son of an army veteran of

WWII. Grandson of a decorated WWI AEF veteran. An Extra Class Amateur

Radio Operator. Creator of the National History Net which has been

airing weekly for the past 2 years on the Superstition Amateur Radio

Club's 147.120 repeater. A student of American History and Politics,

I've been an avid news junkie and listener to talk radio all my life.

I've heard it all and I've heard them all… Now it's my turn to talk!











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