The Automotive Know How Radio Show brought to you by Auto Repair Arizona

“Automotive Know How ” is dedicated to keeping you better connected with your vehicle. We want to help you understand how it works and how best to  care it. Hosts Fred Hules and Dave Martin, along with all our ARA shop owners bring you decades of knowledge and automotive expertise. “Automotive Know How" features weekly guests from inside the Phoenix automotive industry to discuss current issues and answer live questions from listeners about their vehicles.

Live, every Monday at 4:00 pm “Automotive Know How” informs listeners of upcoming events such as; car shows, NHRA and NASCAR races along with charity/community involvement from each of the Auto Repair Arizona shops. We get you even closer to the action with the NAPA Race Team! 

You’ll enjoy the fun and information being presented by seasoned auto repair veterans who have strong connections in their surrounding communities. All our ARA shop owners discuss current auto trends, repair, services and take your calls to help answer questions you may have about your vehicle (not to mention they have fun doing it!)

Our automotive advice comes from years of working with and understanding the needs of people like you. Auto Repair Arizona shop owners have the knowledge and experience to answer your auto repair questions. Listeners can also contribute to the on air discussions about how changes in the automotive industry can affect consumers. This show is to help keep you informed and up to date on all things automotive.

Tune in for information from Auto Repair Arizona shop owners on the best ways to keep your vehicle on the road, driving as economically and safely as possible. Although there is no way they can make your car run better over the air, the knowledge you gain will help you better understand your vehicle needs and help you recognize potential issues, should they happen in the future.

“Automotive Know How” is a show that can be helpful for us all when questions arise about auto repairs and services.

Enjoy this on air opportunity to better understand your vehicle by tuning in every Monday at 4:00 pm to “Automotive Know How” on KFNX 1100 AM or listen live on your computer.





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