The Freeing of One Billion Souls

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Mr. Chapman descends from Arizona pioneers`. His family first made Arizona their home in the 1800's. Now, after 2 decades in CA, Bart has returned home to his AZ roots. Upon arrival, Mr. Chapman set out to be a contribution to both the AZ business and faith communities.

During his diverse career, Mr. Chapman has worn many hats'.  His professional credit includes work as a CIO, a director of technology, a software-development project manager, a producer for MTV/Nickelodeon, a public policy consultant, a professional writer and an interactive producer for Haagen Dazs, AT&T, Garmin and Logitech, among others.  Most recently, Bart was the co-founder of, and a trainer for, a mixed martial arts (MMA) studio in Sedona specializing in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Bart has over a decade of dedicated volunteer service with multiple non-profits. His volunteer service has focused on at-risk youth and sick & dying children; these include two equine-therapy non-profits as well as inner-city job-training and youth development 501c3s. 



Brent Maupin is a licensed Civil Engineer in Arizona, California and New Mexico. He does both Civil and Structural Engineering. He is also a licensed Architect and has had his own Engineering and Architectural business in Sedona, Arizona for the past twenty five years. In 1999 he was diagnosed with stage 3 follicular cell non-hodgkin's lymphoma, a cancer that the doctors said was incurable. It was then that Brent went on what he now calls The Journey to His Soul, as he felt that God had a calling for him and dying was not part of it. After a two-year journey he literally heard a greater self, in union with God, tell him that his illness was now over. Brent then looked back over that two-year time frame and counted nine distinct lessons that he had learned. In his forthcoming book, The Freeing of One Billion Souls,  Brent describes each of those lessons that lead to his miraculous healing. The one lesson that he speaks of most often is that God speaks to us through our spirit, and that it was his spirit that he experienced as a greater self.



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