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Long time radio veteran Bruce Nixon brings experience and passion to the Valley’s Independent Talk Radio with an all new, fresh approach to faith, life and politics; highlighting the great work already being done around the valley that is helping with the elderly, the unborn, the infirm, veterans and more! He’ll be bringing you 60- minute conversations of consequence!


Bruce Nixon spent nearly 20-years in radio and television; from FOX News to small non-coms in places like San Francisco and Omaha, to Orlando and Denver, San Diego, Seattle and Kansas City to Grand Forks - and dozens of places in between. Bruce has 15-years on-air experience as well as 12-years as a PAC Chair & lobbyist to Congress, Governors, legislatures, mayors, city councils & more.


Bruce Nixon, (known affectionately as: The Skipper at Lifeboat Coffee), is married and he and his wife have been blessed with seven children. It was the story that may not have been…


The Skipper is, in fact, a proto-survivor of America’s abortion holocaust. At the tender age of just 16, his mother was the victim of rape and through her own bravery and support of her family, she gave birth to him on August 30th, 1967, some five and a half months after the California legislature passed the Therapeutic Abortion Act! Though abandoned in a San Francisco hospital for three months, he eventually was put into a foster home in San Francisco and one year later adopted by his foster parents!

His legal name was Bruce Nixon and this stayed his foster name for one year. This is personal.

In 1968, he was adopted by George and Rita Lillis of San Francisco and was named: John Lillis. Today, John Lillis is the head of Lifeboat Coffee and uses his birth/foster name for his life-saving charity and radio work—Bruce Nixon.


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