Business Hot Seat


View Mondays at 4:30 pm

Barry and Catherine have business in their DNA. Born in raised in New York City, both came from entrepreneurial families.


In 2003 they started their first business together, Premier Barter,  building it to one of the largest barter exchanges in Arizona. Their experience launching and growing their exchange led them to create a better barter exchange management software. In 2009, with the help of a business partner, they launched Barter21. They sold Premier Barter in 2013, and left the software business in early 2017.


Business Solutions for Growth was born out of the years of working, coaching, creating, and advising business owners. Entrepreneurs hire them to get focused and grow their business because most have no clarity or vision and are struggling to be successful. When entrepreneurs understand their strengths, it is easier to build a solid foundation, overcome challenges, and rock their business.



After the successful launch and growth of their first podcast, Together 24/7, Barry and Catherine decided to take their show on to Independent Talk 1100 KFNX. With some changes to support a broader audience of small business owners, Business Hot Seat was born. The mission – to solve the challenges business owners face every day.


Business Hot Seat is all about business and the challenges small business owners face. Each week our featured business owner will talk about who they are, what their business is all about, who they serve, and what challenge they are currently facing. Barry and Catherine Cohen, Business Coaches and experts in small business success, will tackle the challenge head on.


Guests will have the opportunity to work with Barry and Catherine to understand the true nature of the challenge (every challenge has an underlying cause) and come away with solid, next step actions to implement immediately for real results right away. It is a unique business show that highlights the positives of our guests’ businesses while resolving the one problem that will help bring them to the next level FAST. In just 30 minutes, our guests and listeners will learn the secrets of growing their business.


While our problems in business seem unique, there is usually a commonality among all businesses. Listen in to get ideas and solutions to improve your business and increase your bottom line.