Carolyn Bookout

An exciting and diverse Talk Radio Show that explores the physical, the metaphysical, and money. Call in and contribute or listen and enjoy as Carolyn Bookout brings you thought provoking topics and guests. All designed to enrich you on your journey of personal development and self empowerment.

Carolyn draws from her education and short career as a research scientist; more than 20 years owning many investments and managing companies; and current career as an artist and owner of a gallery to answer questions from callers and devise questions for guests.

Carolyn is an empath and is sensitive to energy fields. She is currently enrolled in a program to work in energy healing, and is improving her intuition and remote viewing. Her intense curiosity has led her to explore numerous topics relating to the past and present: topics of religion, spirituality, enlightenment, energy fields, past life regression, and others.

Her life journey has been riddled with tragedy, triumph, grief, and compassion. She has been to the edge of insanity and back. Her spirit has brought her to a place of peacefulness and joy.