Troy Bohlke- Host of Credit Talk​


Mr. Bohlke, is the co ​founder and CEO of New Business Funders. Troy first demonstrated his natural affinity for entrepreneurship as President of the Entrepreneur Club during his tenure at Arizona State University. Early in his career, Mr. Bohlke founded and Published the New Homeowners Guide, a community service guide designed specifically to help home buyers adapt during the relocation and "move in" process. In February of 2001, he co-founded Emissions Technology, Inc., an emissions equipment manufacturer. Until September of 2008, he fulfilled various roles within that company including President, Board Member, VP of Investor Relations, and VP of Marketing. 

After resigning from Emissions Technology in 2008, remaining as a large shareholder Troy developed a "hybrid Online Marketing" method​ that he ​dubbed "The Triad", a unique combination of Public Relations, Social Media &

​Search Marketing that incorporates accelerated National Publicity, Education-Based Marketing, and Syndication of Audio, Video & Press Coverage. Result is to become a Credible Authority owning Top Google Rankings.

After numerous iterations and refinement of this marketing method ​Troy​ founded 10 Day Publicity & 10 Day Media: www.10daymedia.com

Troy's entrepreneurial background includes Fund Raising, Public Relations, Marketing, Real Estate Investing and Publishing. He has notable years of experience founding and building businesses, whereby he has successfully raised millions of dollars to build the enterprises he

​has ​founded. Marketing and Providing Funding Solutions continue to be his main passions.

Specialties: Marketing Online Gorilla & Capital Raising.

Visit us at: www.newbusinessfunders.com and www.upmyfico.com


"Street Smart Conversation & Education​ about how the Credit Game Works"