Your Daily Dose of Nutrition

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Denise Coventry, MS, RD

 Denise Coventry, is a skilled Registered Dietitian hosting “Your Daily Dose of Nutrition” on KFNX 1100, Saturdays, at 4:00pm Az. Time.  Working out the dilemmas and unusual intricacies of how nutrition affects our daily lives.

With a food first approach, the goal is to invite perspectives that enhance our understanding of the whole body, our lifestyle, environments, and contributing factors that improve or decline our wellbeing.  We want to know more than conjecture.  What elements can we influence, and feed our curiosity by experts who have discovered alternatives.  

Guests participating with “Your Daily Dose of Nutrition” offer a wide range value, from conceptualizing theories to direct application.

We invite you to participate with host, Denise Coventry, MS, RD to question how far reaching nutritional advances have expanded and the practical methods to enjoy a healthful, lifestyle.


Denise helps patients and family members, who know the benefits of dietary advantage, but struggle in practice. She writes nutrition programs for private practice patients, serves high-risk Veterans nutrition needs, and residents in recovering in long-term/post-acute care. 

 Denise earned a Master Science in Obesity Prevention and Management, to address nutrition support, chronic disease, and connecting well-meaning behavior with meeting dietary need.

Denise has presented continuing education for the Banner systems, WIC, Az. Department of Health Services, Cave Creek school district, ASU employee wellness program, the Az. Fiduciary Association, Nutrition Alliance and DaVita Dialysis.  She has been featured on television news pieces and commercials advocating nutritionally for vulnerable populations and weight management.  She is a member of the Arizona Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. 



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