Donny Town

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Sprot Lunkdale.  Former National political advisor to Norl Trog.


Following the censuring of Mr Trogg for selling autographed hairpieces

of members of congress to the Japanese Parliament, Sprot became manager of Circle K store 123.


Sprot struggled in his early years when he was sold by his Father,

Skiff Bonzwick, a former professional wrestler in the Navajo Nation,

to a family in Gorbosee, Alabama.  This nearly crippled all hope for Sprot.


But, It was there he learned his skills in developing new olympic underwater sports,

bowling and archery.   The excitement in Gorbosee was evident when they 

gave DR Lunkdale a new set of Golf Clubs.   


This kindness instituted from his fellow townsfolk pushed Sprot to continue his quest to be the best

in all communication opportunities.