Edward Woodson

Born and raised in Washington, DC, Edward Woodson is distinguished by his lucid prose style and synectic vision. He is a gifted interpreter of issues and values as they emerge in America Popular Culture. His vital presence and his interpersonal skills make him a welcome participant in discussions pertaining to, but not limited to Politics, Government, and Economics. As a Lawyer, Real Estate & Stock investor, Actor, worldwide Model and Entrepreneur; you’d say Edward has the perfect eclectic blend of experience. He is funny, yet takes things seriously, but never takes himself too seriously. In fact, his sense of humor, and its source in his distrust of false pomposity and parading of slender learning, is his single greatest attribute. Now as a Radio Personality, Edward embarks on a new chapter in his life. He is easy to like, for he has an enthusiasm and wit so rare in most people. His mind moves quickly and makes connections with all kinds of topics, and that creates his high-energy image. He is, in fact, a man on the go, and his personality and perceptiveness only enhance his ambitions. Edward received a BS in Political Science from Northeastern University in Boston, MA and his JD from Antioch University School of Law in Washington,DC. With so many people pursuing their lives with “SAFE” strategies, it is refreshing to find an intelligent and reflective Edward Woodson.

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