Gerald Harris started his career in the software industry. Early in his career he worked for Oracle corporation where he was quickly promoted to C-Level management. He was responsible for an internal sales team with a large US territory selling B2B application software to companies to improve operational issues and streamline operational efficiencies.  His team became the number one sales team and broke worldwide sales records within this billion dollar organization. 



His gained extensive operational knowledge as he successfully helped organizations of all sizes to overcome internal challenges to achieve higher levels of success.


Gerald has dedicated his life to helping businesses overcome the obstacles they face at all levels of the organization. He has a keen ability to establish rapport and trust with entrepreneurs and businesses at various levels of growth. He has successfully saved companies only weeks away from their demise and has helped revive them. He has strategically advised businesses that revenue agencies have closed down and brought them back to life within days. 


He has a passion to assist entrepreneurs and even more - for the families behind the entrepreneur. He has been called a “business healer” as he has been recognized not only for resolving the problems within organizations but identifying and addressing the root causes where the problems originate and implement solutions to achieve higher levels of success.


As Gerald would say, “when a big business fails, yes it hurts a lot of people, but when the small business in North America fails, it is a catastrophic tragedy.  Some families are obliterated by these failures because they leverage everything for their business”. “He has dedicated his life to helping small businesses avoid catastrophic failure whenever possible, and as a result contribute to saving as many entrepreneurs and the families behind them”.


Gerald now works with companies across North America to help them streamline their business model and align the right solutions that enable them to overcome the challenges within the small business. 


He can relate to you wherever you are in your business experience and offer you exceptional advice to rise above and overcome. 


Listen to his show “Great American Business Guru” to get plugged into to solutions you may have never considered before. Listen to interviews with incredible guests that will help you to transform how you do business. This show is for any business that has the desire to supersede expectations, overcome business challenges and circumstances and experience higher levels of success! 

What does Gerald's listeners have to say?

Christina Kruger-Harris‎

Really enjoyed your new show with the Great American Business guru this afternoon! Looking forward to more!