Greg Lawson’s Skylight Show

Welcome to Greg Lawson’s Skylight Show, a weekly broadcast featuring people, places and perspectives.

Your host Greg Lawson shares insights and invites from one of America’s most alluring destinations: Sedona, Arizona, along with news and information from global landing-spots.

In addition Skylight interviews diversely interesting people. They share perspectives on topical subjects ranging from personal endeavors and accomplishments to social matters and global management ideals.

We also regularly talk with people engaged in the arts; visual, performing, even culinary and design. They share unique creations and talents, while offering insight into their creativity.

Skylight –It’s the light of day without the storm of controversy.

Greg Lawson is a globally collected artist and long-time publisher of arts-related books and periodicals. He has a keen interest in our planet, its creatures, its cultures, and its future. Skylight is produced by Terrestrial Public Media.