Herman Cain

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Sometimes called the Hermanator, Herman Cain was born on December 13, 1945. After earning degrees from Morehouse College and Purdue University, Cain worked for Coca-Cola and Pillsbury Company. He later successfully revived the Godfather's Pizza chain. In 2004,


Cain made a failed bid for the Senate. He returned to the political fold in 2011 as a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination. Cain emerged on the national political stage in the mid-1990s. As the head of the National Restaurant Association, he challenged President Bill Clinton on healthcare at a television event. Known to be blunt and outspoken, Cain publicly criticized First Lady Hillary Clinton's plans for healthcare reform. He thought the suggested reforms would have a negative impact on business.


In 2004, Cain sought political office for the first time. He failed in his bid to win one of Georgia's Senate seats. Undeterred, Cain has thrown himself into the race for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination. He originally appeared to be a long shot for the nomination, but he has picked up some momentum during the campaign. In August 2011, Cain came in fourth in the Iowa Straw Poll, beating out such better known candidates as Rick Perry and Mitt Romney. He won the Florida Straw Poll a month later. Cain has won over supporters with his direct, no nonsense approach to reforming government.


Cain lives in Sandy Springs, Georgia, with his wife Gloria. The couple has two children and several grandchildren. A devoted fan of gospel music, Cain once recorded his own album of religious songs. He has also hosted his own radio show for an Atlanta station and written several books.