The House of Mystery Radio Show with Al Warren


If it's True Crime ,Conspiracy and Alternative History that you Love to Hear then the House of Mystery is the Show for You! We investigate everything form the JFK Assassination ,

Hunting Hitler, and 911 to the Chem Trails , False Flag and the Steve Avery Making a Murderer Case!

Al Warren has his Masters Degree ( MM) in Music from University of Washington in Seattle , Bachelor of Arts (BA ) from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver , B.C. Canada and Recording & Sound Engineering Diploma from the Juno Award Winning Bullfrog Studios in Vancouver bc. Canada

Now He Owns Odin Studios where he Produces Several Talk Radio Shows including Dark Shadows ( Conspiracy, Cover-ups and Alternative History) Lost in Space ( Everything UFO's) Julie Sav Show ( U.K. Paranormal Show ) Land of the Giants ( Cryptozoology) and House of Mystery ( True Crime, Serial Killers and Unsolved Crimes)




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