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JOHNNY CURTIS is the 2008 Native American Music Awards LifeTime Achievement Recipient and a Two-time NAMMY Award Nominee and who has penned multiple records within the past three decades. 2011 marks 41st anniversary for the Native American Gospel Music Legend JOHNNY CURTIS musical ministry since the 1970. Over the course of those years; Johnny has done more than any other artist in living memory to bring the Great Gospel to the American Indians across America, Canada, and continues to travel International Missions.

Born in 1950 in a small mining town of Superior, Arizona, Johnny Curtis (San Carlos Apache Tribe); amazingly talented, dedicated, and one of the most influential Songwriter/Musician that expresses originality and authenticity that earns him a unique enduring place of Inspirational Music.

Johnny was raised in a loving disciplined Christian home. His parents were ministers, always traveling extensively throughout the Indian Country impacting the Gospel to the hungry hearts of the American Indians. Johnny assisted his parents with their church services and he knew his musical ministry was a calling from the Lord.

Growing up in the 50’s and 60’s, Johnny listened to the sounds of Elvis Presley, Scotty Moore, BB King, Jimi Hendrix and more. Johnny is self-taught and coached by his older siblings; Johnny found his ability and creativity at an early age when he gave his life to the Lord. Emulating his influences, the aspiring guitarist developed his own rockabilly sound and within months was composing his own songs. Johnny’s ability to play guitar/keyboards, sing, and perform along with his dedication to the Lord set the platform for his musical ministry. In 1975, Canyon Records of Phoenix, Arizona signed Johnny releasing his first album entitled “Apache Country Gospel”.…but Johnny was just getting started.

Johnny Curtis continues to be one of the leading voices in Native American Gospel music. As a pioneer, Johnny is the visionary behind Native American Gospel Music; blending rock, pop, and acoustic influences as well as incorporating lyrics capturing the nuances of life's trials and God's grace.

Johnny brings humor, wisdom, and insight to his performances that blend worship, storytelling, and his trademark songwriting. A gifted speaker, Johnny is often featured not only for his immense musical talents but for his ability to share the Gospel and any number of other subjects with clarity and passion.

Through a powerful will and trust in God, Johnny Curtis is building a solid base and true faith in God through Jesus Christ. You can hear it in his voice, in his heart, and in his music. Johnny currently is the Chairman of the House of Curtis Music Label which he solely founded with his manager Walter Barber in 2002 to produce and distribute his music. Johnny also is the Senior Pastor at Fort McDowell Christian Fellowship in Fort McDowell, Arizona and Evangelizes throughout Indian Country Ministering with Music. He resides in Fort McDowell, Arizona with his wife, and grandchildren.