Paranormal Psychic Show - Kimberly Dawn

It’s not uncommon that many are finding it hard to deal with all the negative energy out there in the world.


Join Kimberly Dawn each Saturday night at 6 pm as she gives psychic readings to listeners who are experiencing negative energy or paranormal activity.


Paranormal Psychic Show host, Kimberly Dawn, says, “The number one issue my clients complain about is energetically feeling bombarded by the negative energy that’s around them, whether related to negative energy from other people, spirits or dark energy they can’t explain.”


On the show Kimberly gives psychic readings to listeners, answering their questions about why they are being drained by the negative energy around them.


The Paranormal Psychic Show helps callers identify the paranormal activity that they’re experiencing and how to have spiritual protection so spirit attachments or dark entities are unable to cause harm to them or their loved ones.


Radio personality, Art Bell has been quoted saying, “But I do believe in the paranormal, that there are things our brains just can’t understand.”


Callers of the Paranormal Psychic Show ask questions about spiritual cleansing, chakra cleansing, house blessings, house cleansing, removing negative energy, energy cleansing, spirit attachments, spell removal, clearing negative energy, spiritual protection prayers, entity removal, and ghost clearings.


Each case is uniquely fascinating making the Paranormal Psychic Show a riveting journey of higher awareness and what the dark doesn’t want humanity to know.


To submit a question for a free psychic reading on the Paranormal Psychic Show, leave a voice message at 928-362-0359 or contact Kimberly at https://archangelsbless.com.

You can download the 9 FREE Archangel Michael Prayers of Protection at https://archangelsbless.com.