Kim Shedrick

Audiences, world-wide love Whisper Out Loud Radio with host Dr. Kim, a
new show blazing the local talk radio scene.  Since July 2013, Dr. Kim
has hosted 2 weekly shows (e.g., Justice Now and The Dr. Kim Show) and
cohost 5 other weekly talk shows (e.g., Family Matters, Ex-Offender
Files, The Loudest Talk Show, Friday Night Shout Outs, and the Whisper
Lounge). After captivating an audience of 200,000 listeners on Blog
Talk in less than 90 days, now Dr. Kim brings her show to a live radio
audience in the Phoenix, AZ market.

Whisper Out Loud Radio with Dr. Kim takes a serious entertaining
approach to life, relationships, and controversial topics (e.g.,
crime, justice, politics, relationships, education, and business).
Dr. Kim’s brand of talk entertains listeners with thought provoking
conversations, audiences world-wide enjoy.  Dr. Kim’s legal knowledge,
sarcasm, and wit keep listeners coming back weekly. Listeners learn
how to overcome life’s challenges.  Dr. Kim serious straight, no-bull
talk illustrates the truth about reality, life is just a game.  Dr.
Kim has been intimately involved in the Arizona legal and political
system more than 13 years, as a former legal practitioner with family
connections in the local political scene, the doc knows her stuff! Dr.
Kim, previously owned 5 lucrative multi-million dollar small
businesses in AZ.  Now Dr. Kim brings listeners her expertise to talk