Kris And Steve

“What’s Wrong … with Kris and Steve” is a show dedicated to entertaining while educating about psychological problems you, your loved ones, or even just people you know may be having in a 60 minute format live call-in radio show. We’re your one-stop shop for all your mental health questions!

Kris Godinez on air on What's Wrong ... with Kris and Steve

Kris Godinez is a licensed mental health professional and the author of “What’s Wrong With Your Dad”, a personal journey through being raised by a parent suffering from borderline personality disorder and addiction. Her use of humor and a direct approach to her clients’ needs lets Kris cut straight to the point of what has gone wrong.

Steve Gresser is an actor, comedian, magazine publisher, tech maven and social media guru who is just trying to find out – ‘what’s wrong?’ His experience with adult instruction in computers and being a Certified Flight Instructor helps him translate the technical language of mental health into terms that the average person can understand.

Steve Gresser on air on What's Wrong ... with Kris and Steve

Each week brings a new and fascinating subject – OCD, sleep deprivation, hobby versus obsession, phobias, Facebook and the online life, family and the holidays, retail therapy … the possibilities are endless! And every week brings more listeners and more chances to help people. The show has a social media presence on Facebook and on Twitter, and it streams live at http://bit.ly/Rc4Rar