The Ozone Therapy Show

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Mike Alcantara, host of the Ozone Therapy Show, is the founder of Forever Ozone, a US company that designs and sells ozone equipment. He was born in Cuba and relocated, along with his family, to Las Vegas when he was 6 yrs old. He attended St Josephs and Bishop Gorman before moving to Northern California to attend college.


Before getting into the ozone business, Mike sold air purifiers and tested indoor air, mainly for VOC's and mold (IAQ firm).  He came to the realization that the number one indoor air allergen was dust mites feces, and that the best way to neutralize that organic material (and kill the mites) was with a professional ozone shock treatment. He first started out selling Chinese made ozone generators along with Alpine and EcoQuest ozone generators, but quickly discovered that they break down within a year, mainly because the thin pieces of copper used in the timers and on-off switches rust and stop conducting electricity. It was difficult to troubleshoot exactly what caused the failure, so Mike came up with the concept of a "bare bones" ozone generator, an ozone machine without all of the bells and whistles that lead to premature failure. He invented his own ballasts and ozone plates that were half the price of the Chinese made machines, but best of all, lasted much longer. He was able to give his equipment a lifetime warranty from day one and still honors that warranty today. 


When asked why he felt compelled to start a show on Ozone Therapy, Mike said: "Over the years, over 30 customers have come to me and claimed that using my ozone machines; they have cured themselves of incurable cancers as well as Lyme's disease and many other conditions. I know about the European case studies on ozone, over 6 million and growing, touting the benefits of ozone therapy, and the miraculous cases where ozone therapy completely cured cancer and many other conditions, but having my own customers call and thank me for their own miracles inspired me to make this show. Their stories should be heard. The story of ozone therapy should he known. The Greek word for "truth" means to put all of the evidence on the table for examination. The Bible says "The truth shall set you free."  If, by learning the truth about ozone therapy, more people can experience their own miracle, I will feel that I fulfilled my calling to become an outspoken advocate for this remarkable alternative health treatment. A treatment that super charges one’s own immune system to fight disease. Ozone truly is a God particle that is misunderstood and doesn't get the coverage it deserves. I hope to help on both fronts, by shining a light on this 100 year old yet secret therapy and by allowing folks to share their own experience with ozone therapy."