Good Day Monet

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Monet Flores was born in the United States and holds a dual citizenship with Guatemala. She is currently the AZ State Leader of Save Our Senate, owner of Monet’s Social Media Marketing, and is a recent GCU graduate with a degree in business management with a minor in finance and econ. Post-graduation, she is now moving her focus to getting a degree in law with future aspirations of becoming a politician. Monet is also a former collegiate golfer from GCU. Her golfing career lead her to win over 100 tournaments which included 3 European championships, the Mexican and Guatemalan national championship, and a win in a semi-pro event on the Cactus Tour.

Starting April 15th, 2020 Monet will be hosting her radio talk show, “Good Day Monet.” Her goal for the show and her work with Save Our Senate is to help people understand the Senate, current issues, and why it is important to practice our civic responsibilities.


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