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Patrick Henningsen is a  global affairs analyst, writer and editor for the independent news website 21st Century Wire and host of their weekly radio show SUNDAY WIRE broadcast online on the Alternate Current Radio Network. As a journalist and filmmaker, he’s done work throughout North America, Europe and the Middle East, and he’s appeared as a geopolitical commentator with global news networks including RT International, ITN and Al Jazeera, and his writings have appeared in a number of international publications like The Guardian, UK Column, Waking Times and New Dawn Magazine, as well as guest appearances on a number of radio programs including Coast to Coast AM.


Join Patrick here every Wednesday at 9pm here on 1100 KFNX.




Native of Omaha, Nebraska

Former PR and Marketing Consultant

Graduated Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Bachelors degree in Design and Communication

4 year lettered NCAA Swimmer

Former British National League Basketball Coach


See his public speaker profile at: www.patrickhenningsen.com 

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