Red Sky Radio with Rob Walter

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Robin “Rob” Walter is an attorney having practiced for 30 years in areas ranging from tax to litigation, but focusing upon estate, business and real estate.  A member of the California and Michigan Bars, Rob received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Michigan and is a magna cum laude graduate of Regent University Law School in Virginia Beach.  Rob also has a Masters of Law in Taxation degree (LL.M.) from the University of San Diego.


In addition to hosting “Red Sky Radio”, Rob pastored Valley Harvest Church in Santa Ynez, CA for 13 years with a ministry devoted to equipping the saints to not only survive the coming ordeals facing this nation but to thrive by assuming the authority Jesus Christ invested in us by His command to make disciples of “all nations”.   In addition to Rob’s political interests and his candidacy for the California Assembly, his deepest passion resides in the firm belief that God’s Word, in its inerrancy and completeness provides answers and understanding to all of life’s real issues, from salvation to alleged global warming, from healing to what the Word says about the right to keep and bear arms, immigration, abortion, homosexual marriage and debt; from giving and how we should invest to knowing when we will have to disobey civil authority.  Well, you get the idea.


Rob is available for limited speaking engagements, either in church in formal ministry or non church-related or civic environments.  In addition to general ministry, a popular church topic has been “The 12 Critical Scriptural Principles in Planning Your Estate”.