Successful Aging


“Successful Aging” – Winning Strategies for Living Well and Loving Life


JOHN WENZLAU is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Friendship Retirement Corporation.  He holds two Master degrees, one bachelor degree and his Doctoral Studies were from University of Munich, Germany. John’s professional background finds him in the television, real estate management and retirement living industries.

MILLIE OAKESON is Vice President of Marketing. Millie studied communications at Arizona State University and is a native of Arizona. She brings with her a diverse professional background leading the marketing efforts for the healthcare, television, airline and retirement living industries.


When you hear “Successful Aging” what comes to mind?  Do you immediately think, “What kind of financial security is enough to retire?”  Or wonder, “How will I age I already hurt every time I move?”  Or is it simply, “I’ll think about that when I’m older?”  These questions are the reason the “Successful Aging weekly radio program on Independent Talk 1100 KFNX was launched.

The show is hosted by John Wenlau CEO and Millie Oakeson Vice President of Marketing for Friendship Retirement Corporation.  Each week they delve into different aspects of winning strategies for living well and loving life by hosting experts in their field and discussing together “Successful Aging.”  Both John and Millie bring to the show their expertise in leading and marketing corporations in the Valley as well as sharing a combined passion for aging well.






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