True Wealth hosted by Valerie Bertrand

 Valerie Bertrand is the Founder and CEO of True Wealth Consulting, a botique consulting firm that combines principles of global economics with those of inner and outer success. She mentors business owners, with enterprises ranging from small firms to Fortune 500 companies, on how they can increase revenues, while implementing a completely holistic—and even humanitarian—approach to wealth. She is chairman of the board of Speakers Resource Organization, and has authored several books she sells privately to her clients and foundations. She is affiliated with educational alliance programs that are designed to impart emotional and financial intelligence to future generations.

 Valerie has worked with professionals who have been featured in Forbes, with whom she is collaboratively pursuing an acquisition that will transform people experience living, education, law and justice and more. Often from behind the scenes, Valerie assists companies, families, wealth advisory firms, and litigation participants in resolving conflict and making wise business decisions that lead to truly prosperous outcomes. She is an expert in her field and operates from the highest level of integrity. Her confidentiality is impeccable, adhering to the laws and regulations required in psychiatry.

 Over the past 18 years she has developed a solid, unique approach to understanding the true psychology of money—something that hasn’t been fully grasped. Even professionals educated in the field at Harvard University have commended both Valerie’s understanding and knowledge about the psychology of money and the effectiveness and power of her approach. This expertise has become highly sought-after, but it is her quiet knowledge and creative content that make professionals hire her.


 At the very core of Valerie’s work as an inner wealth advisor is a passion for assisting others in aligning to their true state of inner and outer success, for optimal financial wellness and happiness. Her mission is to assist people in healing their financial wounds that render them creatively powerless, while leading many of them away from destructiveness, and into a higher state of awareness. Her unique capacity to access these wounds in individuals resembles that of a medical intuitive, and it complements her expertise in stimulating clients to develop their creative power and potential.

For people who believe this company is about investments, True Wealth consulting really has two aspects. Someone may have a lot of money yet suffer from financial imbalances. She works with individuals who wish to increase their overall mental and emotional wellness, so they can really live from a place of true wealth and happiness. If someone is already financially healthy and their creative energy is already producing substantial wealth, she creates a support system to enhance their creative endeavors even more. Troubled people who struggle with various forms of poverty, not limited to just money, need more. Valerie assists them in recovering their lost sense of self, to allow them to heal emotional issues surrounding wealth, sustainability and any inner and outer conflicts. True Wealth Consulting approaches money from a humanitarian standpoint. The mission is to exchange current perceptions of money for a more evolved and harmonious characterization by creatively increasing content and integrity in all transactions. To learn more you can contact Valerie Bertrand by email at balancewealth@gmail.com or direct at 480-415-8075.