Advertising Opportunities

Advertise Your Business ** FOR ONLY $10 TO $15 PER AD! *PRIME-TIME 30 or 60 SECOND ADS THE LAURA INGRAHAM SHOW - FOR ONLY $15 TO $25 PER AD! ‘Independent Talk’ 1100 KFNX Features Five of the Top Ten Talk Shows In The Country *RUN ADS ON THE SHOW OF YOUR CHOICE: IMUS in the MORNING THE LAURA INGRAHAM SHOW THE DENNIS MILLER SHOW THE MIKE HUCKABEE SHOW THE HERMAN CAIN SHOW THE MICHAEL SAVAGE SHOW **Subject to availability, and based on unsold KFNX remnant ad time. Clients who purchase larger packages or buy ads at KFNX rate card take priority.** INCLUDES ALL PRODUCTION COSTS OF AD INCLUDES FREE WEBSITE LISTING **Please see the Radio Facts section on the benefits of radio advertising.

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image image image From Top: KFNX President Francis Battaglia with Hosts Dennis Miller, Lars Larson, and Laura Ingraham