New Host Information

Welcome to Independent Talk 1100 KFNX! 

Here is a brief overview of the process to get your show up and running:

It is good to take a moment to think about the basic outline and direction of your show. This will help to determine show topics and also the show name and music.

After some careful thought you are ready for the introductory steps -  


First -

Please read at least the first few pages of the Talk Show Host Guide. These review the program clock and show outline for quick reference. The second half of the guide teaches you in detail how to host a show.

You’ll need to read and make notes to return page 9 and / or write a script for your commercial in the future.

We want to give the production department at least a week to create your commercial. 

Also consider what type of music you would like to use for your commercial - this is important because it helps to create the tone of the spot. Your commercial will air during your show and on the station promoting your business.

Commercials usually included with your show are:

-               15 second promo promoting the day and time of your program

-               30 second commercial promoting your business / sponsor.


Second -

Schedule time to talk (or to come into the station to tour the studios) with our Production Manager to discuss the mechanics and overview of the show. Here we can answer all specific questions you have and the program clock, which is the basis of your show and will be reviewed in detail (the host guide has the clock in 2 formats – graphic and linear forms).


Topics to be covered are:

show outline and preparation, guests, commercial / break cues, taking listener or guest calls,

closing the show, and any special needs.

***If you’re doing your show from a remote location (like your office) we will cover this information via telephone.

All of us at Independent Talk 1100 KFNX look forward to working with you.



This is the Information the Production department will need to get started:

Show Name:

:15 Promo (The catchy headline that describes your show)

:30 Spot (Approx. 70-80 words, plus phone# twice)

Show Open: (The catchy headline plus a one line introduction of you, the host, announced over a music bed)

Rejoin Music: (30 sec.) Up-tempo music, with or without lyrics used when starting a new segment.

Breaker Music: (30 sec.) Medium to up-tempo, no lyrics, for you to talk over as you end a segment.

Close Music: (60 sec.) Medium to up-tempo, no lyrics, for you to talk over as you end the show.

Prior experience as a host:

Send this info to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)



This is the Information the Traffic Department  will need to get started on your KFNX Host Page:

1. Show Title

2. Biographic info for host and show

3. Headshot for Host Page

4. Link to social media and website if you have one or both

5. Phone Numbers of Business

6. email you want listeners to contact you by (I recommend you set up email for show so your personal email doesn’t get bombarded)

Send all this info to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)